Quality Assurance and Enhancement


Quality Assurance and Enhancement


Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Quality Standards Review

UA92 approach to quality assurance and enhancement is to:

  • Ensure that UA92 adopts rigorous processes whilst maintaining flexibility to allow UA92 to develop and mature;
  • Ensure that they are fit for purpose at this point in UA92’s development, but are cognisant of UA92 future development plans;
  • Satisfy the expectations of external regulators and quality assurance agencies while at the same time serving UA92s and Lancaster University’s quality assurance requirements; 
  • Provide reliable intelligence and promote effective action;
  • Promote a culture of continuous reflection and improvement to support the delivery of a superlative student experience at UA92; 
  • Put student voice at the heart of decision making at UA92;
  • Actively and willingly supported and engaged with by key stakeholders, including employees, students and partners. 

3.2 UA92 policies align with expectations for standards as outlined in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. In particular: 

  • The academic standards of UA92 courses meet the requirements of the relevant national qualifications framework;  

  • The value of qualifications awarded to students at the point of qualification and over time is in line with sector-recognised standards; 

  • UA92 Courses are well-designed, provide a high-quality academic experience for all students and enable a student’s achievement to be reliably assessed;  

  • From admission through to completion, all UA92 students are provided with the support that they need to succeed in and benefit from higher education. 

Quality and Standards Review is the process the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) uses to provide evidence to the Office for Students (OfS) about whether new providers applying to be on the OfS's Register meet the Core practices of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education (the Quality Code). 

UA92 underwent QSR in January 2020 as part of its application for Registration with the Office for Students. 

Click here to view our QAA report 

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2. Quality Assurance and Enhancement: Course Design, Development, Approval and Modification COMING SOON

3. Quality Assurance and Enhancement: Student Voice COMING SOON

4. Quality Assurance and Enhancement: Assessment (assessment, marking & moderation, external examiners) COMING SOON

5. Quality Assurance and Enhancement: Monitoring and Evaluation COMING SOON

6. UA92 Articulation Policy and Procedure

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