In a rapidly changing world where businesses are facing new challenges and developing new technologies, economic models and workplace practices, we need leaders.

People who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, test new ideas and innovate to build a better and more stable world. You will provide the answers to the challenges we face today...

What will you learn? ×

Through this interdisciplinary business and management course you’ll get an introduction to how organisations are structured and managed, from small enterprises to FTSE 100 companies. You’ll cover a wide range of subject areas including economics, accounting, marketing and operations.

With a combination of theory and practice, you’ll gain a full understanding of complex business organisations and how they operate.

A unique combination of theory and practice will empower you to:

  • Encounter a wide variety of management disciplines, and decide your future direction.
  • Gain understanding of how these apply in practice in the workplace.
  • Understand your leadership potential – and feel confident inspiring others to become their best.
How will you learn it? ×

Our Certificate of Higher Education (Cert HE) courses are designed for learners who either:

  • want to study for a degree but don’t yet hold the entry requirements for a full degree programme, or
  • do not want to commit to a full degree programme at this point but would like a level 4 undergraduate qualification equivalent to the first year of a degree.

The course will allow you to experience university-level study, equivalent to the first year of a degree gaining both subject knowledge and developing personally through the first stage of our Character and Personal Development. Upon successful completion of the course, you can leave with a Certificate of Higher Education. Alternatively, you may wish to apply to progress to the full degree programme at UA92.

A student registering for a Certificate of Higher Education can still complete a degree within 3 years.

Develop more than skills and knowledge ×

Your UA92 degree goes far beyond the traditional academic experience.
Not only will you increase your knowledge and business skills, but you will also focus on your personal and character development so that you are ready to take on the world after graduation.

Our ambition is to take you on a personal development journey. It’s about discovering just how much you’re capable of, and graduating a better version of you. From leadership to resilience and effective team working, it’s all covered by our Character and Personal Development curriculum.

Can I study part-time? ×

Yes, this course is available for part-time study.

How can I apply for this course

You can apply for this course through a direct application form available via email at hello@UA92.ac.uk.

When will I study? Wednesdays, 9am - 6pm.

How will I study? You will study 3 modules of 30 credits each spread over 3 12 week blocks.

How much does it cost? £2250 per module, or £6750 per year (assuming 90 credits).

What about finance? Part-time students are entitled to Tuition fee loan but not maintenance funding. Full details can be found at www.gov.uk/student-finance/parttime-students.

I am an International Student, can I apply? This course is available to Home/EU students with no visa requirements. Unfortunately, international students can not apply for this course at this time.

Are the entry requirements the same as the full-time course? 

Study Level
Cert HE
Start Date(s)
Term dates information
Entry Year
2022/23 Entry
Also available in 2021/22 Entry
Course Duration
Study modes Information
Entry Requirements
64 UCAS Points


Follow the link to the UCAS website for all the information you need to apply.


Order a copy to be delivered to your home or alternatively, you can use our Course Finder to learn more about our courses.


The best way to get a taste of what life will be like at UA92 is to join us at one of our open days.



Year 1 - Level 4 modules

  • Management and Operations
  • Economics for Business
  • Marketing
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting


64 UCAS points or equivalent. Please contact our Admissions Team at admissions@UA92.ac.uk to find out more information.


What do I need to pay for? 


If you decide to study away from home, your three biggest outgoings will be tuition fees, accommodation and living costs. 

How much are tuition fees? 


The cost for UK undergraduate students at UA92 for September 2022 entry is £9,250 per academic year.

Most students choose to take out a student loan to cover this, paid directly to the institution.

How do I apply for a student loan? 


You can apply online at Student Finance England. Applying is not dependent on an offer, so you can get a headstart on the process.

When do I pay this back? 


Not straight away. You won’t actually start paying the loan back until you’re working and earning over £26,575 - how much you pay depends on your salary. 

Is there a loan for accommodation and living costs? 


Yes – eligible UK students can apply for a Maintenance Loan, again through Student Finance England, up to £8,700 a year to help with the costs of living. Repayment of this works in the same way as your tuition fees – they actually combine together into one sum. 

I’m an international student, how much are my fees? 


The cost for international students wanting to study at UA92 for September 2022 entry is £14,466*. You will be expected to pay a minimum of 50 percent upfront before your course begins.

*Fees are subject to annual change. 

Can I get advice or support during my time at UA92? 


Absolutely, we will have a Support Team on campus to help you with budgeting and financial advice to ensure you manage your money whilst studying with us. In addition, and as part of our Character and Personal Development curriculum, you’ll learn about financial planning to manage your finances in study and throughout your working life.