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Welcome Week at UA92

10 Things To Do Before You Arrive At UA92




Preparing to start your studies at UA92?

Complete the checklist and get ready for your new chapter!

You’re weeks away from starting, what will probably be, one of the biggest, most defining, journeys of your life so far. It’s exciting times! There is tons to look forward to, but you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and have lots of stuff to get done.

You might already be thinking about what you’ll do when you arrive, but there are some things you can do before you get here. We’ve put together a handy checklist so you can prep and enjoy a stress-free start to your Welcome Week.

Here are our 10 Things To Do Before You Arrive at UA92:

  • 1. Read the Welcome pages

You should have received a link to the Welcome pages on our website. There’s lots of information for new students including a guide on how to register and Welcome Week events.

  • 2. Make any amends to your Student Finance application

To avoid delays on processing your Student Loan make sure your Student Finance England application is up to date with your contact information and course details.

  • 3. Start online registration

You can complete the first part of registration online. Look out for an email from Lancaster University. Find out more about registration for new students.

  • 4. Make travel arrangements

Think about when and how you are going to arrive and who you are going to travel with. If you are commuting to campus then plan your daily route and consider doing a practice run.

  • 5. Check your timetable

You should have had confirmation about whether you will study in the morning from 9am-1pm or the afternoon from 2pm-6pm. This will help you to plan activities around your study time like part-time work or going to the gym.

  • 6. Connect with our Welcome Facebook group

The UA92 Welcome Facebook group is a great place to connect with your new class mates and ask questions.

  • 7. Book Welcome Week events

There’s lots of fun, social activities to help you make new friends and settle in. Make sure you pre-book your Welcome events. Your full Welcome Week induction timetable will be sent to you soon.

  • 8. Order your UA92 x Castore hoodie

Brand up for your arrival with our newly launched UA92 x Castore kit. You can order a UA92 hoodies and other UA92 branded clothing on our online store.

  • 9. Register with Inclusive Support (if needed)

If you think you might need additional support for a specific learning difficulty, disability, or long-term health condition, make sure you notify [email protected].

  • 10. Open a Student bank account

There are lots of comparison sites out there to help you search for the best deals and perks on student bank accounts. You will usually need your UCAS Confirmation letter to open one.


So, you’re ready to go. All that’s left to do is pack your bag/suitcase and take a leap of faith. We promise you will not be on your own. There’s plenty of help and support available before you arrive and when you get here.

If you have any questions contact [email protected].