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Celebrating Neurodiversity at University



Our students are incredibly important to us, and we are proud to have a diverse student population. 24% of our students having disclosed a disability to us, 74% of this 24% are neurodiverse.

We always encourage our students to champion their neurodiversity. We understand that there may be some initial worries about heading to university if you are neurodiverse, but to help keep these worries at bay, we caught up with our Student Well-being and Disability Manager Steph to answer your questions on all thing’s neurodiversity as a student in Higher Education.

Why is it important to tell your university if you are neurodiverse?

You might not realise it, but there is a large amount of support available to neurodiverse students in Higher Education. This usually begins by creating a support plan which informs academic staff of your diagnosis and how it affects you, which helps ensure reasonable adjustments are made for you.

We can also help you to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA), which will look at providing things like a laptop, assistive technology, study skills tutors and specialist mentors.

Will disclosing my neurodiversity affect me being offered a place at university?

Absolutely not! It’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of disability, which includes neurodiversity. We love the diversity of our student population, and you would be so welcome at UA92. We’d encourage you to disclose any diagnoses you have at the earliest opportunity so we can arrange support for you as soon as possible.

What has UA92 done to accommodate neurodiverse students?

The thought of walking into large classrooms, lecture theatres, and huge campuses can be overwhelming. At UA92, we ensure our campus is accessible, classrooms are small with approximately 30 students in each, and timetables are fixed so our students feel known, have routine, and get the best academic and wider student experience.

We also have detailed access guides on the AccessAble website where anyone can look through details and photos of campus before arriving. This includes our campus video, which gives you an idea of what the UA92 campus is like before you arrive to help ease any anxiety you may have before visiting us for the first time.

How will UA92 continue to support and accommodate neurodiverse students?

Accessibility and inclusivity will continue to be a priority at UA92. Our inclusive curriculum, fixed timetable, small classroom sizes and accessible campus will not change.

We are also committed to ensuring our neurodiverse students can contribute to the development of our curriculum, student experience and growing campus.

We recently invited a group of students (a large percentage of whom are neurodiverse) to offer their opinions on our current campus development project and the digital academy we are in the process of developing at UA92. It’s incredibly important for us to get input from our students because ultimately our environment is designed for them so it must meet their needs. The feedback we received was invaluable and will help inform our campus development plans moving forward.

If you are neurodiverse or live with a disability and want to see how UA92 could work for you, get in touch with our inclusive support team today at [email protected]