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Debunking the Myths of Women Working in Computer Science




Mollie joined the UA92 team in 2021 and is at the start of a very exciting journey with us as we launch our Digital Academy later this year. She also teaches our Computer Science and Software Development Students too!

Despite global efforts to inspire and engage women and girls into science, they continue to be excluded from full participation. To change that, this year we’re joining forces with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (celebrated annually on 11 February), and introducing you to our Head of Digital Evolution, Mollie. 

Below, Mollie tells all on her career so far and the roadblocks she’s faced throughout, while also debunking the myths of women working in Computer Science…

Have you ever felt that your gender has impacted your success in the digital industry? 

I haven’t experienced any major roadblocks so far, but I do think it took me longer to find my place in the tech space compared to if I was male.  

I went down a much more traditional ‘girly’ academic route, studying a biological degree. I didn’t have any experience of Computer Science, so it wasn’t even an option when it came to picking my degree. In my head, Computer Science was for hardcore coding boys! It was only later in my education that I realised this was far from true, and the tech space was something I wanted to be a part of. 

What advice would you give to a young female working in digital? 

Just simply – do it!

If you’re wanting to work in digital or study Computer Science, look at programming languages and learn how to code. There are loads of free, online resources, and they are a great entry point into Computer Science. It will help you throughout both your education and work. Showing your passion for tech, gives you something interesting to talk about in interviews too!

Let’s debunk some myths… 

Myth: The work environment of Computer Science is hostile to women.

My experience has actually been quite the opposite! Everybody I’ve met is simply happy there’s a woman in tech around, and those involved in recruitment are actively seeking more women!

Myth: Tech Careers are Antisocial

There’s definitely a misconception that you will be sitting on your own staring at a screen all day, but tech projects usually involve a lot of collaboration with others. 

There’s a large amount of flexibility involved in finding different careers in tech. Whether you like working on your own or prefer a more people-based approach – it’s entirely up to you! 

Myth: Computer Science Limits Your Career Options

I have found the exact opposite! Having skills and experience in Computer Science opens such a wide range of doors. Every single company needs some form of tech or IT support and most need employees with skills in these areas. 

As the digital era progresses, we’re starting to see a change in the number of women in digital.

25.5% of Google’s leaders on a global scale are women and 74% of girls express a desire for a career in STEM fields. If this is you or you’d like to know more about the digital degrees on offer at UA92, take a look at our digital courses.