3 June 2021

It's Time To Reply: What Is The UCAS Deadline And What Do I Need To Do?

Find out more about replying to your UCAS undergraduate offers and things to consider when making your decision.

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So you’ve done most of the leg work and now it’s nearly time to make your final decisions and reply to your UCAS offers. Whether you’re still weighing up your options or you’ve just not had time to log in to UCAS Track and respond, we just want to remind you that the deadline is fast approaching.

Save The Dates

If you received decisions from all your choices before Thursday 20 May then you’ll need to reply to them all before Thursday 10 June. If UCAS does not receive your responses by this date they’ll decline all your offers on your behalf. Also known as 'Decline by Default'.

If you received any replies after Thursday 20 May, you still haven’t heard back from all your choices, or you applied using UCAS Extra then you have a little bit longer to make your decisions. You can accept whenever you’re ready but you must do this by Wednesday 14 July.

What Are My Options

You could be holding up to five offers from your UCAS choices but you can only keep a maximum of two going into result day.

Firm acceptance – this is your first choice

Insurance acceptance – this is your backup if your firm acceptance is conditional

You’ll need to decline any other offers you’re holding.

To find out more about the different replies you can make visit the UCAS website.

Tips For Making The Right Choices

It’s not always as straightforward as choosing the place you most want to go to. Here are a few things to consider when making your decisions:

  • Think about the grades you expect to receive and the conditions of your offer. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high but if your top choice Uni has conditions higher than your expected results, you might be disappointed.
  • Consider making an insurance choice with grade requirements lower than your firm choice. That way if your grades are lower than expected, you could still get a place at your insurance choice.
  • Make sure you choose somewhere you’d be happy to go to because UCAS rules will expect you to take your place if you meet the offer conditions.
  • Don’t make your decision purely on league tables. Try and visit in person and get a feel for the place.

Want To Know More
We are here to support you all the way. Book a place on our online event ‘One Week To Go: UCAS Deadline Event’ where we will go into detail about all your options and what they mean, plus things to think about before making those big decisions.

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