24 August 2021

Troy's Story: From Work Experience at Social Chain to Interviewing the Founder

From work experience at Social Chain to interviewing one of the founders at our Open Day, hear from our student Troy on the opportunity he was given as a UA92 student, and what he learnt from interviewing Dominic McGregor, former COO of Social Chain.

Through UA92’s brilliant network I had the incredible opportunity of interviewing Dominic McGregor, co – founder and former Chief Operating Officer at Social Chain. Social Chain is a direct to customer branding and commerce agency that specialises in the areas of Food, Home, Beauty, Living and Fitness. We spoke in depth about the importance of young people building personal brands to expand their niche and increase their chance of being employed.

Below is a round-up of some of the insights I got from the interview.

What is a personal brand? 

A personal brand is simply a way of articulating your own values, beliefs, ideas, and purpose through building up a public persona. This can cover all forms of content from written blogs and articles to video creation which can be a good indicator of a person's creativity.

Dom’s Top Tip

One of Dom’s top tips for growing a personal brand was to focus on creating content around an area of pure passion that relates to the industry you’re interested in working in. Finding a specific topic to create your personal brand always seems challenging at first but the starting point is to pick out your unique interests and then trial diverse ways of showcasing your ideas and opinions. You may find that certain content does better on different social channels, but it is just a game of trial and error and then implementing what you learn from the process.

What did I learn?

One of the best ways to build a personal brand is to document the process of achieving a specific goal. This allows people to connect with your story and aspirations, and can act as an effective way of networking on a large scale.

Benefits of Having a Personal Brand

A good personal brand on social channels can act as a heavy addition to your CV as it gives employers an idea of your personality while displaying your unique skillsets better than just written information.

Moving Forward

I have spent the time since interviewing Dom thinking more in detail about what I can do to increase my own personal brand. As I am interested in all things business and tech related a good place to start for me would be to create content on LinkedIn about new technological advancements that I personally find interesting. Also, I need to document some of the outside of Uni things I do that relate to my future career.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview Dom, years after I completed my work experience and I look forward to being given the chance to experience more incredible opportunities like this in the future!


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