Step Forward at UA92 is a free six-week course designed to provide an access route to higher education for those with skills and knowledge gained from their life and work experiences.

The programme will develop your confidence and academic abilities to prepare you for degree-level study. You’ll also benefit from your own personal development tutor throughout. On successful completion you will be eligible to study on a UA92 Degree or Certificate of Higher Education course.

This short course will be delivered four days a week for two hours a day, either mornings, afternoons or evenings* over a six-week block, either online or face to face.**

 *Subject to demand.

**Sometimes the course will be delivered online and you will require a laptop or tablet to participate.


You’ll be fully supported throughout the programme with a mixture of teaching techniques including workshops, group activities, presentations and independent online learning. This will include scheduled support sessions for assessments where you’ll get one-to-one support with experienced tutors.

Along with developing your academic skills, we’ll also put character and personal development at the core of your learning experience. A strong emphasis on resilience will improve your ability to face challenges and solve problems. You’ll also develop your skills in reflection, communication, and critical thinking.

Within your chosen study area, you’ll learn how to:

      • Effectively use IT in a digitally focused higher education environment

      • Write well-structured essays and reports

      • Present information in a wide variety of ways

      • Research and read analytically, referencing sources of reliable information

      • Think critically, and ask questions confidently

      • Link theory to practice

      • Self-reflect

Entry Requirements ×

Our aim is to provide an access route to higher education for those who have skills and knowledge from their life experiences.

Our entry requirements allow us to identify those with the ability and desire to succeed on a degree level programme.

They include an interview to explore your reasons for applying for this programme and your level of interest and commitment to study the discipline you hope to progress into.

You may also be asked to undertake literacy or numeracy tests to allow us to assess your use of written English, including your grammar and spelling, ability to gain information from text and ability to handle numbers.
We recognise that some personal circumstances can affect previous academic achievement.

Criteria taken into consideration include (but may or may not be limited to):
• living in a less advantaged neighbourhood
• undertaking study at a school or college with below average attainment.
• having day-to-day family or work responsibilities or being a care leaver.
• refugee or from a travelling community.

Start Dates ×

New start dates for Step Forward coming soon. For any enquiries contact

Assessment ×

In terms of assessment, you will be supported to produce a written assignment on a topic category of your choice alongside a self-skills audit. This will be a formative (practice) assessment and will be used to help identify the areas for development and allow a focus on those.

The formal assessment will be a self-reflective assignment focussed on your future discipline area and a vlog which will assess your research, writing, presentation and reflection skills in readiness for degree-level study.

Support ×

Every student will have a their own personal tutor who they’ll meet weekly. You will develop a portfolio that will capture your journey through the programme, supporting your preparation for further study and employment.

Your tutor will also support you personally, referring you to physical and mental well-being professionals for specialist advice if necessary.

What can I apply for after completion of the course? ×

Once you've successfully completed the programme and assessment, you'll be eligible to study on a UA92 degree or Certificate of Higher Education.

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