All FAQs and guidance may be subject to change if government guidance changes. UA92 will review and update as appropriate and inform applicants and students of any specific changes.

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Here are some examples of the areas we will cover in both subjects:

  • Over three years, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the disciplines and practice of accounting and finance, alongside the theoretical and practical skills you’ll need to really shine in the workplace. Then, invaluably, you’ll have opportunity to prove your knowledge, taking part in placements where you can apply your theoretical knowledge to the workplace.
  • Work-based placements are a key aspect of your UA92 degree. This is your chance to gain relevant experience and see how what you learn in the classroom applies in the workplace. It’s your opportunity to develop your skills and competencies – and build a CV that will wow prospective employers.
  • The course is modular, and your studies will combine lectures, seminars, workshops and practical exercises. By studying a wide range of topics in accounting and finance, alongside work placements, you will discover your own strengths and enthusiasms. This combination of practical and theoretical-based study will help you build an amazing competencies portfolio that will prove to future employers your well-rounded and deep understanding.
  • Alongside a syllabus focused on the practice and theory of financial management as a career, our specially developed Target Talent Curriculum will help you develop your wider professional workplace skills. From encouraging you to present like a pro through to helping you apply entrepreneurial principles in all you do, we hope you’ll outshine the graduate job market competition and offer your employer the skills they’re looking for.


When will the 2021/22 academic year begin?

Welcome Week will be happening from 13th September with Teaching then starting on 20th September.  We intend for both Welcome Week and Teaching to be on campus, in the unlikely event that Government restrictions do not permit this they will happen on the dates as planned but online or with a mixture of online and on campus activities.

Will the teaching be online, on campus or a combination of the two?

For 2021-22, UA92 is planning to revert back to its normal teaching delivery pattern as follows: 

  • 16 Hours of face to face teaching on campus Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

  • 4 hours asynchronous on-line learning to be completed on Wednesday at a time to suit you. 

  • Students studying on either an AM or PM timetable. 

When will I receive my timetable?

For new students joining UA92 during the 2021/22 academic year, we will confirm whether you are an AM or PM student in early September. 

For students continuing studies with us in September, your AM or PM timetable will continue as per the 2020/21 academic year. The only exception to that is for students studying with us in accelerated mode. Unlike 3-year study duration, your timetable will not be fixed for the duration of your study and may change between blocks. 

What measures will be in place to stop the spread of COVID on campus?

Enhanced levels of cleaning in all classrooms and common areas. 

Cleaning frequent touch points several times throughout the day. 

Placing hand sanitising stations in key places, such as entrances, exits and outside rooms.   

A fully electronic library and learning resources system.   

There are a number of further measures that may still be in place such as a requirement to wear a mask whilst walking around campus, however you will not be required to wear a mask whilst sat in class. There may also be regular Lateral Flow Testing in place. 

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend UA92?

At present you will be able to attend UA92 whether you are vaccinated or not, however we are aware that Government are looking at this matter prior to the start of the new academic year. We would encourage all students to get vaccinated at their earliest opportunity regardless of the guidance.  

What happens if Government restrictions increase?

In the event of restrictions or a further lockdown, we would look to move some or all teaching online via Microsoft Teams. The scheduled times of classes would remain the same as the on-campus teaching i.e. either “morning” or “afternoon”. 

Where can I find the latest health advice on COVID-19?

As this situation continues to develop and change on a daily basis the latest advice can be found on the NHS website

What should I do if I have Coronavirus symptoms (a high temperature, new continuous cough)?

The latest advice on self-isolation can be found here

Who should I inform if I suspect I may be infected?

If you think you might have coronavirus do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital and please follow the NHS advice on self-isolation

Please only call 111 if; 

  • you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home 

  • your condition gets worse 

  • your symptoms do not get better after 7 days 

It is very important to let UA92 know if you are self-isolating and/or have tested positive. Contact us by emailing .  Please keep in touch so that we can support you and advise on any possible steps with regard to your education.   

I have anxiety about coronavirus, and it is affecting me/my studies – what should I do?

We understand that this situation may affect our students in different ways and that you may need help, emotional support and/or expert advice. It is also important that you continue to look after yourself and support your friends. You can access support by emailing  

What will happen to any assessments?

All essays and coursework will proceed as planned on scheduled assessment points. If you have exceptional and mitigating reasons why you can’t do an assessment, you need to apply for EMCs please email for more details.   

Will UA92 be tracking attendance?

Yes, we will be monitoring engagement in taught sessions via Teams.  If you are not able to engage with classes for whatever reason please complete the COVID-19 absence form.   

Can I study remotely via MS teams?

No. UA92 plans all teaching to be delivered physically on campus and all students are expected to attend all classes in person. In very limited and exceptional circumstances (for example if you are unwell or have an emergency at home which prevents you travelling in for a session), you may be able to join a session via MS Teams.  In order to apply for this, you need to email outlining the reasons why you need to join a taught session via MS Teams and provide evidence to support your request.