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A week in the life of Business Management student Zach




Hi, I’m Zach, and I’m a student here at UA92. I’m in my first year of studying Business Management and commuting from where I live in Huddersfield. 

Life at UA92 is always full of surprises, so let me take you through what a (mostly) normal week looks like in my shoes. 


The most wonderful thing about a week at UA92 is if you like to stay busy, you have the option to really fill up that weekly routine. 

One thing I’ve been spending my time on recently is a competition called Young Enterprise, a competition for young people and their start-up ventures. My team and I have just won the Young Enterprise Internal Final – as someone with entrepreneurial aspirations, these opportunities excite me. 

We have plenty to be cracking on with before the Regional Finals next week, so on Monday we hit the ground running!


With plenty of time to study around our four-hour lesson slots, my classmates and I came onto campus today to get some assignment work done. 

It’s important to have some down time every so often, so today me and my mates break up the day with snacks and a couple of games of ping pong!

Tuesday’s lessons about communication in the workplace reminded me about some valuable skills that I can also apply into my everyday life.


At UA92, students have no lessons on a Wednesday. Having Wednesdays as a midpoint and day off from university allows me to:

  • Enjoy my other university days more
  • Work at my job in the afternoon
  • Spend time on my hobbies
  • Stay up to date on any university work
  • Have a break

Wednesdays really helps to break up my week, reflect, and plan for anything that may have slipped my mind.


Back to it! 

Returning to UA92 feeling fresh is always a nice feeling, and because I spent Wednesday catching up on outstanding tasks, I can relax a little more today. 

My team and I are making the final touches to our presentation for the Young Enterprise Regional Final, which is approaching fast. We’re extremely excited to showcase our efforts, and our assignment is progressing steadily, so we are in good spirits!



Roll on the weekend! 

As my uni week comes to a close, I prepare for some chill time, work shifts, and other fun weekend activities. Since me and most of my friends commute from different places, we always have plenty to talk about when we return to UA92 on Monday! 

I fill in my learning journal for the 92 Programme today, which focuses on the theme of wellness. Last week on campus was the Wellness Festival, which gave me the chance to ease my mind a little by trying yoga and breathing exercises, and learning about things like budgeting, goal setting and the importance of nurturing your mind. I must say, even on the days I may not feel 100% up to it, the 92 Programmes activities help to remind me why I am here, and what I will gain from maximising my time at UA92.

It’s been a wonderful week, and after the weekend, we go again! I’m looking forward to seeing what next week has in store for me. 


Written by Zach Stones.