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Applicant Visit Days at UA92

Are Applicant Visit Days Worth it?



So you’ve received your offer from UA92, and now you’ve been invited to an Applicant Visit Day. But you’ve been to an Open Day and you’ve read all about your course online. So, what’s the point in coming to an AVD?

Well, applying to university is a lot. Five choices from hundreds of courses, campuses, cities. That’s a lot of prospectuses to read. Open Days are perfect for finding your short list, or for figuring out if uni is the right path. But once your applications are in, how are you supposed to know which university is the right choice for you?

Applicant Visit Days are how. These events are much more personal, and more specified than an Open Day. Offer-holders are invited to our campuses to experience a taster of their chosen subject and delve deeper into life as a UA92 student.

What to Expect at an Applicant Visit Day

Most Applicant Visit Days start with a welcome talk, followed by a ‘Micro-teach’, where you’ll meet the academic tutors for your course, learn more about course material and complete a group task. From mock press conferences to working with drones, you will have the chance to get hands on and collaborate with your future course mates.

After a short break, you can then choose between several Student Experience talks where you can find out about student finance, Sport92 or student life and wellbeing. This is the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions about life at UA92. Last but not least, you’ll be given a taste of the 92 Programme, which is embedded into all courses and aims to develop your personal character and employability skills alongside your studies.

If you are keen to move into student accommodation, we offer tours of Academy Apartments and One Cross Street – make sure to book in advance. If you are attending an upcoming AVD and want to book a tour, please email [email protected].

When and where are the AVDs?

If you have applied to study at UA92, you will receive an email with a link to an online booking form. There are multiple dates to choose from, and you can even bring close family and friends for moral support. Sport, Digital and Media students will be invited to our Old Trafford Campus, while the UA92 Business School hosts our business applicants.

So, are Applicant Visit Days worth it?

Absolutely. There’s nothing like experiencing student life first-hand, and when it comes to making decisions around university, there’s no better way to gather all the information you need before setting your firm and insurance choices.

If you have secured your offer from UA92, and want to attend an Applicant Visit Day, you can find out more and book your place on our Applicant Hub.