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Replying To Your Offers: How and When To Make Your Replies




If you’ve applied to more than one university, or more than one course at the same university, it’s likely that your decisions (hopefully offers) will come in at different times.

It’s a good idea to wait until you have heard from all your choices before deciding what to do next. For some, you’ll feel confident in your choices and be ready to make your decision as soon as your offer lands. For others, you may need a little more time to think through your options, before you commit. Look for opportunities to revisit some of your choices and explore the courses in more depth.

How and when you should start replying to your offers, really depends on how and when you applied in the first place.

If You Applied Through UCAS

You will have selected up to 5 choices on your UCAS application. When you start to receive decisions, you will get an alert from UCAS, usually by email, to check your UCAS Hub. Sign in to UCAS Hub to find out if you’ve been made a conditional or unconditional offer.

If you have an unconditional offer you can select it to confirm your place immediately. Simple as that!

If your offer is conditional on exam results, you can choose a firm and insurance choice.

Firm Acceptance (or first choice) means, a place on the course is yours, if you meet the conditions of your offer.

Insurance Acceptance (back-up choice) is there in case you don’t meet the conditions of your first choice. However, you will still need to meet the conditions of your insurance choice.

TOP TIP Choose an insurance option with lower offer conditions than your firm choice. So, if your results are lower than expected, you might still meet the conditions of your insurance choice.

Your UCAS Hub will tell you when your personal deadline is to reply to your offers. Typically, if you applied before the equal consideration deadline on Wednesday 25 January 2023 and you receive your last decision on or before 18 May 2023, your reply date is 8 June 2023.

For more information about replying to your UCAS offers, see here.

If You Made a Direct Application to UA92

If you have made a direct application to UA92 admissions, it’s likely that you already have the necessary qualifications to meet the entry requirements. Therefore, chances are you will be made an unconditional offer. You should already be in direct communication with our admissions team about your application and will reply via email to confirm your place. If you have any questions about the process, please contact [email protected].

TOP TIP Reply to your offers as soon as you are ready to make your decision. Don’t leave it until the last minute and risk forgetting to do it. If you don’t reply by the deadline your offer will automatically be declined.

If you have any questions about your offer from UA92 please get in touch. Email [email protected].

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