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Stay on track with your university application admin



Have you been focused on exams recently? Make sure you don’t fall behind with your university application or miss any important deadlines. There’s so many things to consider when applying to uni – it can feel like a lot of admin. To help make sure you’re bang up to date, we’ve put together a handy checklist so you can stay on track.

Make your firm and insurance choices

Check UCAS hub for your reply deadline. It’s likely to be 6pm on Thursday 8th June (if you received all your offers by 18th May). This means you will need to select a firm and insurance choice, otherwise UCAS will automatically decline all your offers. Find out more about how and when to reply to your offers.

Apply for student finance as soon as possible

There is still time to apply for student finance. Don’t panic if you’ve not started it yet. Enter the details of your preferred institution and you can always change your mind later. Find out how much you will get towards your tuition fees and living costs.

Make your university aware of any disabilities

Let your university know about any physical or hidden disabilities. This might include specific learning difficulties, long-term health conditions or mental health conditions. They will help identify any extra support you need or any additional funding you might be able to claim. Contact [email protected].

Check if you’re eligible for a scholarship or bursary

Many universities offer additional financial support packages. It’s worth checking what’s available and if you are eligible. Usually, you need to apply for these before you start your course. Find out more about our Financial Support packages.

Consider your living or travel arrangements

You may have heard… student accommodation is in high demand in major cities across the country. Make sure you are proactive when it comes to finding accommodation. Contact your uni for info or search on websites like Casita. Alternatively, lots of students choose to live at home if they can. Sports Management student, Neve Holmes talks about her experience of living at home whilst studying.

If you can complete the relevant points on the checklist, then you’re in a great position. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your summer. Results day will soon be here!

You can contact [email protected] if you have any questions or need any advice about the above.