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What the UCAS Deadline* DOESN’T mean for you




If you are applying to go to uni in 2024/25 then you’ll know that UCAS encourage you to submit your application by 6pm on Wednesday 31 January. If you’re on track to meet the deadline, great! But, what if you’ve not got round to starting your application or can’t decide what you want to study? Will missing the UCAS equal consideration deadline mean you can’t go to uni in 2024?

While meeting the deadline means your application will be given equal consideration alongside everyone else who applied before the deadline. It’s important to remember that you still have options after the deadline has passed. Here’s what the UCAS Deadline* doesn’t mean for you…

*It’s not the end of your university dreams

Just because you’ve missed the deadline, doesn’t mean that your university dreams are over. There will be lots of universities out there who will be willing to consider your application, even after this deadline has passed. Courses that are still available to apply for will be on Ucas and you can always contact the admissions team to discuss any queries you may have.

*You can decide to start or complete your UCAS application at anytime

In fact, in 2023, UCAS received more than 60,000 applications after the January deadline. So, don’t think you’re the only person that is applying a bit later. There’s lots of people that decide to apply after the UCAS deadline and go on to start their university study in the same year.

*There’s still lots of universities accepting applications after the deadline

Ok, so you may have missed the boat on some universities or specific courses. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. There are lots of smaller universities out there that could offer everything you didn’t know you were looking for. So, do your research and keep an open mind!

*You don’t have to start university in September

Yes, it’s true! Most students will start their studies in September but what if you’re just not ready. Buy yourself some more time and ask about alternative start dates. At UA92, you can choose to start in September, November, January, February, April and June.

So, while you figure out your next steps, here’s a few final things to remember. Whatever the future holds, you’ve got this! Sometimes, in the end, things work out exactly how they were supposed to. You’re allowed to change your mind and find new avenues to achieve your goals. And finally, there are people out there to support you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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