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Why I chose to live at home while I was at uni



Sports Management student, Neve Holmes, chose to live at home during her studies.

Here she explains some of the benefits of living at home, if you can!

For some students moving away from home is all they’ve wanted and a no brainer. I have lots of friends that live in university accommodation and love every second of it! I, however, like to be close to home. I was lucky to find a great place to study, right on my doorstep, which made it an easy decision for me. Lots of people think you miss out on things when you live at home, but that’s not been my experience. Here are some positive things I’ve discovered along the way.

I am close to friends and family

At home, I am surrounded by the people I know best. I have many opportunities at university to meet new people, but knowing I can go home at the end of my lectures is so comforting!

I can save money

One of the biggest factors that influenced my decision to live at home was the cost. I was lucky enough to have parents who were willing to let me live at home rent-free, which really helped! The cost of commuting to and from uni is small in comparison to paying rent and bills. Still, I try and make use of student discounts and season tickets to make travel cheaper, and I have my railcard for when I catch the train.

I still qualify for student loans

Many students don’t realise that you can still get a student loan, even if you live at home. The amount of money you get will vary from person to person, depending on your parent/guardian’s income and other circumstances. The money I get helps cover things like travel expenses and bits I need for uni.

I still have lots of friends

It’s a myth that you won’t meet loads of new people and make friends if you stay at home. If my experience is anything to go by, then you’ll have nothing to worry about! I make sure I speak to course mates and join in things like socials and sports teams. This is crucial to student life and finding your people!

I have less distractions

The social side of uni life is great and there’s always stuff going on. However, sometimes I like to focus on other things, like my uni work. Because I live at home, it’s easier to escape the pressure of going out or having late nights. This has been a huge benefit in getting that study-life balance.

I don’t get homesick

I know some of my friends have, at times, struggled with homesickness and missing their families. I love being able to catch up with my family when I want to and I have their support whenever I need it.

I love my home comforts

I still enjoy my independence, but I love my home comforts too. I’m fortunate that my parents still take care of all the things around the home, like shopping and sorting out bills, so I have more time to focus on other things like working part-time and uni work.

Overall, I would say there are definitely pros and cons to both living at home and living at uni. You just have to weigh up what’s important to you, based on your personal preferences.

If you want to know more about the options, it’s a good idea to speak to current students like me. You can message current students and ask them question on Unibuddy.